motorcycle accident lawyer

We are fully aware of the seriousness of a motorbike accident injury. Riders of motorcycles are more vulnerable to serious injuries because they lack the basic safety measures found in most cars, especially when drugs, drunkenness, or violations of the law are present.

No matter where you are in Ontario, our Toronto-based motorcycle accident attorneys will support you through this difficult time and work to get you the financial and medical support you need.

You will have to deal with the insurance company if you are in any form of motor vehicle accident. No of who was at fault for your motorbike accident in Ontario, you will be making an insurance claim with your own auto insurer. It is crucial to remember that collaborating with your own insurer does not imply that the insurance provider is on your side.

In reality, the insurance provider is almost certainly going to be on your side. This is so that the insurance provider doesn’t lose money by paying out on your Toronto accident claim even though you have an auto insurance policy with them. You run an instant risk of being taken advantage of by the insurance provider if you ride a motorcycle.

Well-intentioned accident survivors have been known to have their statements manipulated by insurance adjusters to lower the settlement amount they will be required to accept.

For riders, this implies that the insurer might be seeking to portray you as the traditional biker you see in movies: completely covered in tattoos, operating a vehicle carelessly, and almost certainly a member of a biker gang. If this preconception weren’t exploited to take advantage of injured bikers, it would be amusing how far away it is from the vast majority of motorcyclists.

It may be in your best interests to let your Toronto accident lawyer deal with the insurance company on your behalf in order to protect yourself and your entitlement to compensation from your insurance company. We’ve dealt with plenty of money-grubbing insurers, and we won’t ever let you accept less than you deserve.